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What Is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

RevIVe is proud to offer options for those seeking bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, for both men and women!

Dr. Lindsey Jackson completed a fellowship in age management/hormone replacement with The Cenegenics Institute in Las Vegas, NV, in 2012, and has practiced hormone therapy in Friendswood since that time. Heather Hartsock, NP, works closely with Dr. Jackson and has completed fellowship training and certification in hormone replacement as well. Our process is easy, and we have made every effort to limit the cost of our program to make it affordable!

  1. Those interested are asked to schedule a no-obligation evaluation with our practitioners to determine if they are candidates for the program, after review of health and family history.
  2. Once the decision has been made to enter the program, a $150 fee is charged for physical examination/thorough history, and the patient is provided with a requisition for lab testing, either via Quest, LabCorp, or SpectraCell (if using insurance), or instructions are provided for the client to order their own labs (DirectLabs.com or Any Lab Test Now). The client must visit one of these locations to have blood work drawn.
  3. Once we receive our client’s labs, typically 7-8 days after they are drawn, we call the client to return for consultation and recommendation of a hormone therapy in Friendswood.
  1. At the follow-up visit, we evaluate your labs and provide our recommendations, which generally include a prescription for topical bio-identical hormones such as estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone, oral medications such as thyroid (Armour or liothyronine), or BioTe pellet therapy. Injectable testosterone may be recommended and prescribed for men. Occasionally, oral hormones may be needed or required; medical history and labs will help us determine which replacement option is best for the client. At the conclusion of this visit, a residual $350 charge is made to complete payment for a year’s worth of follow-up for any needed lab work or adjustments to medications. Thus, our annual fee for the first year is $500. Subsequent years, renewal occurs at a reduced rate of just $250!

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Follow-up for an abbreviated lab panel is generally recommended in 3 month increments for the first year; thereafter, labs can be spaced appropriately for your hormone therapy in Friendswood.