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Treat Wrinkles While Maintaining Expressiveness

Revance is a revolutionary line of dermal fillers designed to address facial wrinkles and folds. Developed by Revance Therapeutics, these fillers utilize Resilient Hyaluronic Acid (RHA) technology, which mimics the natural hyaluronic acid found in the skin. RHA fillers offer exceptional flexibility and adaptability, allowing for natural-looking results that move harmoniously with facial expressions. Revance RHA Fillers can treat nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and other facial wrinkles.

Revance Fillers Treat…

  • Facial wrinkles and creases
  • Nasolabial folds around the nose
  • Marionette lines around the mouth
  • Cheek and midface volume loss
  • Jawline contouring issues
  • Perioral fine lines and wrinkles

How Do Revance Fillers Work?

Revance fillers work by utilizing Resilient Hyaluronic Acid (RHA), a unique formulation that mimics the body’s natural hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a substance in the skin that helps maintain hydration and volume. The RHA in Revance fillers undergoes a gentle cross-linking process, resulting in a resilient gel that can adapt to facial movements.

When injected into the skin, the filler integrates seamlessly, attracting water molecules to hydrate and plump the treated area. This smooths wrinkles, restores volume, and enhances facial contours.


  • Safe and minimally invasive treatment
  • Minimal pain or discomfort during treatment
  • Natural-looking results due to RHA formulation
  • Flexibility to adapt to facial movements for dynamic expression
  • Long-lasting effects for extended rejuvenation
  • Comprehensive range of formulations to address varying degrees of facial aging
  • Minimal downtime with quick and convenient treatments
  • Versatile application for treating multiple facial areas
  • Clinically proven safety and efficacy profile

Types of Revance Fillers


RHA2 is formulated to target moderate wrinkles and lines, offering a subtle yet noticeable improvement in skin texture. RHA2 fillers are ideal for softening nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and other creases while maintaining a natural look.


RHA3 fillers address more pronounced facial wrinkles and folds. They are particularly effective in smoothing deep nasolabial folds, restoring youthful fullness to the cheeks, and refining the jawline with minimal downtime.


Designed for advanced facial rejuvenation, RHA4 fillers offer correction for wrinkles and volume loss. This formulation is for deep nasolabial folds, significant loss of cheek volume, and prominent facial contours that require augmentation.

RHA Redensity

RHA Redensity is a filler developed to improve the delicate skin around the mouth and lips. This innovative formulation targets moderate to severe dynamic perioral rhytids, restoring a radiant and refreshed look to the periorbital areas.


  • Drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your appointment to ensure well-hydrated skin.
  • Refrain from taking medications or supplements that thin the blood, such as aspirin or fish oil.
  • Disclose any relevant medical history, allergies, or previous treatments with your provider.
  • Minimize alcohol consumption a few days before your appointment.
  • Use sunscreen and protective clothing to shield your skin from sun exposure.
  • Discontinue the use of retinoid-containing skincare products several days before treatment.


During the treatment, you’ll first discuss your goals and concerns with your healthcare provider. They’ll cleanse the treatment area and may apply a topical numbing cream to enhance comfort. Using fine needles, your provider will inject the Revance filler into precise locations, strategically targeting wrinkles, folds, or areas requiring volume enhancement. The procedure takes around 30 minutes, and you can resume your daily activities immediately.


After your treatment, you may experience minor swelling, redness, or bruising at the injection sites, which usually resolve within a few days. Applying ice packs can help alleviate swelling. While rare, other potential side effects include tenderness or itching at the injection site. You can resume normal activities immediately, but it’s advisable to avoid strenuous exercise, excessive sun exposure, or alcohol consumption for a day or two.

Recovery Guidelines

  • Use ice packs or cold compresses on the treated area to reduce swelling and discomfort.
  • Refrain from touching or massaging the treated area after the procedure.
  • Keep your head elevated for the first few hours after treatment to minimize swelling.
  • Avoid harsh skincare products or procedures on the treated area for at least 24 hours.
  • Protect the treated area from direct sunlight and UV exposure.
  • Drink plenty of water to support skin hydration and recovery.
  • Attend all follow-up sessions as advised by your provider.


You can expect initial improvements immediately after your Revance filler treatment, with optimal results becoming apparent within a week as any swelling subsides. These results last 6 to 18 months, depending on factors such as the specific filler used, the treated area, and individual metabolism. Over time, the hyaluronic acid in the filler breaks down naturally in your body. To maintain your desired results, periodic touch-ups are recommended.

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