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Laser Tattoo Removal Description

Do you have a tattoo you regret or want to erase? People might want to erase ink for several reasons — perhaps because the tattoo is no longer true to your identity, associated with painful memories, or it simply doesn’t look good. Whatever your reasons may be, RevIVe MedSpa & Wellness provides simple laser tattoo removal in Friendswood. This is a non-surgical and outpatient procedure to remove the unwanted tattoo. We use the latest laser technologies to wipe away unwanted ink without surgeries, incisions, anesthesia, or downtime.

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The skin consists of three layers — the epidermis is the uppermost layer of the skin, the dermis is the second layer, and the subcutaneous fat lies underneath the skin. The epidermis has a high rate of turnover — it’s regularly shed and regenerated. But the dermis isn’t shed like the epidermis. Tattoos consist of pigments placed deep within the dermis, which makes them permanent. Removing tattoos involves a precise treatment that works on the principles of photothermolysis.

Just as darker shirts absorb more heat than lighter shirts, darker pigments in the skin also absorb more laser energy than the surrounding skin. During laser tattoo removal in Friendswood, highly-targeted laser energy is delivered into the skin, where it’s absorbed by the tattoos. The pigments break down and get expelled from the body. Over time, the unwanted ink is completely broken down and removed, making it fade away from your skin’s surface.


  • Non-surgical and non-invasive treatment.
  • No pain or discomfort during or after the treatment.
  • Suitable for all tattoo colors, including blue and green.
  • No harsh side effects or complications.
  • The tattoos completely fade away.


  • Wear sunscreen when you go out in the sun or avoid sun exposure altogether.
  • Avoid shaving, waxing, or exfoliating before the treatment.
  • Avoid tanning creams and tanning beds before the treatment.
  • Stop smoking several weeks before the treatment to minimize the risk of bruising.
  • Avoid nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications a few weeks before the treatment.
  • Keep yourself hydrated before the treatment.


Laser tattoo removal in Friendswood is performed on an outpatient basis under topical anesthesia. Your cosmetic provider will examine the tattoo and discuss your goals to curate the ideal treatment plan. You’ll be given protective eyewear, and the provider will cleanse your skin.

The laser device will be placed against your skin and activated to deliver short pulses of light energy into the skin. The ink in your skin will absorb the light and break down, leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. The number of light energy pulses depends on the tattoo size.

Post-Procedure/ Downtime

You might experience mild discomfort and pain for the first 48 hours, but you can manage the discomfort with ice packs. You might also notice a slight discoloration in the treatment areas. There’s no downtime — you can resume your daily activities immediately.


The tattoos will gradually start fading away after two weeks, becoming fainter and lighter with every session. Once the tattoo fades away, you don’t have to worry about it returning. Laser tattoo removal is a permanent procedure.

Treatment Frequency

The number of sessions depends entirely on the size of the tattoo, the ink color, the tattoo depth, and your skin tone. Depending on these factors, most laser tattoo removal in Friendswood patients need 2 to 12 sessions to remove the tattoo entirely. Your cosmetic provider will recommend the number of sessions necessary and their frequency based on your specific needs.

More Information

If you live in or around Friendswood, Texas, you can schedule an appointment at RevIVe MedSpa & Wellness to discuss your laser tattoo removal options.